Why schools are the second home for kids? Yes, School is the second home for kids. The major chunk of children’s time is spent in the schools, that is the reason schools are considered to be the second home for them. The behaviour & thinking process of the kids is totally dependent on the learning that takes place in the schools. Schools build a strong foundation of knowledge & wisdom for children. Teachers play an important role here.All parents get tensed & worried while sending their child in the preschools or schools for the first time. But eventually the child becomes habitual to the school environment & the overall process of schooling or education becomes easy. As time flows their classmates & playmates become like family. As they interact more children get to know about every body’s nature & families, so the school becomes a family of different families together. This process makes them attached to the school and it becomes their second home.
The most crucial & special time of one’s life is the time he/she have spent in the school. Because this the only time when learns to be social & also gets to know & identify the good & bad. To make your child’s schooling experience a memorable one, do a survey before selecting a school. There is a plethora of different schools which claim to be the best among others. Because of this it is really difficult to choose the right one.
Kiddopia Preschool Ravet, Pune is one of the best when it comes to providing a homely feeling to the kids. They make learning fun because of which develops the kids intellectually and also does not make them homesick. It is one of the leading preschools in India with thousands of happy parents.

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