Haven’t we all heard these sometimes-·
Boys should not cry.·
Man doesn’t cook food·
Girls must wear a particular type of clothes to be safe.·
Women should stay home & take care of the family·
Boys shouldn’t mingle with girls.·
Married women should plan for children immediately after marriage.·
Woman should manage the home & Men should look out for finances
Everyone person in India has heard above-mentioned lines at least once. Gender inequality starts at home, mother’s advice their daughters to stay away from boys & don’t play with them. Fathers teach their sons that earning money is a job of a man. Children believe all these things and them in mind they behave in same way. Even the animated TV shows like Chota Bheem portray men to be the most powerful & girls dependent on them. This type of thinking starts shaping the mindset of kids. Eventually, the children start believing whatever they hear or see.
While growing up many children limit themselves because of these notions. Men will not help in household work thinking that it’s the job of woman and woman will wait for her man to change the faulty switch. All this may lead to serious issues at the workplace like being inconsiderate to the opposite gender.
So, what can be the solution for this?Early Start is the only solution. Early education institutes and the preschools should add gender equality in their teaching process. Teach children that there are no rules as far as gender is concerned. Teach them to respect the opposite gender.The answer also lies at HomeTell children about the achievements made by people of all genders. Children should be taught humanity. Some things are really not acceptable & few things should not be spoken to children.
Set an example: Practice what you teach them, children will observe your behavior & behave accordingly· Teach Respect: There is no need to belittle somebody to prove your worth. Kids of this generation do not know how to respect each other. One should explain children to be kind to others.· Stand up for yourself: Teach children to stand up for themselves. It is important to respect one’s self and others.· Support your children’s Decisions: If your son has a passion to become a fashion designer or a chef, agree & support his dreams.All these things will need some time. If children are taught in preschools and their home, it will slowly make the world a safe place to live. No woman will be harassed at the workplace or in the society, & no man will get frustrated with rubbish notions. Preschools like Kiddopia Preschool, teach their students about gender sensitivity.

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