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I always tell my children to use their words when they are sad. I assume they know what they are feeling and can verbalize it to me. Wrong! It’s confusing for children to say what they are feeling because many times they don’t know what to name the feeling they are experiencing. Instead, they show us how they are emotion by throwing temper mood and having unhappy. Our first step to teach children the words to express their feelings before we require them to “use their words.”

As they get older, you can explain feeling frustrated, nervous, and shy, etc. to them.
When you talk with your child about emotions, try to be more friendly…

For instance, you might ask questions like:

If you felt angry at a friend, what action you take?
If you felt angry at me, how you behave?
Always help them in understanding the feelings you believe your child is experiencing. For example, if your child runs up to you and hugs you as you walk through the door, you can say something like “someone is excited to see me” or “someone is happy I’m home.” Describe your child’s feelings as they happen to help them to build their feelings vocabulary knowledge.
The different feelings that your children go through daily may be foreign to them at first, but you can help them out by naming those feelings appropriately. For example, if you’ll say, “Papa needs to go to work, and you’re unhappy to say goodbye” or “You were angry that your friend snatched your favorite toy.” You’ll be able also to use other ways like photo books or videos to indicate various emotions of the story’s characters to your kid.

When you teach your child to name different feelings when they occur, your child will build an emotional vocabulary over time and get to the point where they can identify those feelings and talk to you and share with you them. This will then help them learn different feelings.

Listen to your child when they use words to express their feelings. Having the self-control to express your feelings appropriately is no easy feat. Many adults are unable to do this. When your kid tells you the way they’re feeling. Praise them for doing that. Be specific. As an example, “I feel good however you told your sister that you just were unhappy once she called you to name. That was very nice of you.” listen to your kid for showing sensible behavior makes them a lot of likely to try to do good things it once more in the future. It also lets them understand that you just are looking at them and see once they do good things.

What matters is how they express them. When your child is calm, discuss with them ways they can calm down when they are upset. The ABC’s of Calming Down is a great resource that contains 26 alphabetized calm down strategies to help children calm down.

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