What is the best way parents can teach gender equality to their children?

Haven’t we all heard these sometimes-· Boys should not cry.· Man doesn’t cook food· Girls must wear a particular type of clothes to be safe.· Women should stay home & take care of the family· Boys shouldn’t mingle with girls.· Married women should plan for children immediately after marriage.· Woman should manage the home &…

Why schools are the second home for kids?

Why schools are the second home for kids? Yes, School is the second home for kids. The major chunk of children’s time is spent in the schools, that is the reason schools are considered to be the second home for them. The behaviour & thinking process of the kids is totally dependent on the learning…

Teaching Kids About the Time

Specialists agree that before your child learns to read the hands on a clock, he should have a basic understanding of time and how we manage it. “The concept of past & future is a beginning sense of time for children,” says expert. “Many children use the terms yesterday to refer to events that have…

Toddler Talk: Developing Language Skills

Learning a language is a creative process not a similar one. All the little impropriety you hear along the way to standard speech are signs of progress.Receptive language precedes suggestive language children understand more than they can say.

Why is pre-school education important for every child?

Children have started learning from birth. Understand who your parents are, and who do not, how they react when they are hungry, and observing the surroundings that each emotional response is prepared. It is said that when your children are between 1 to 3 years of age.

Encouraging cognitive development of preschoolers with books and shared reading

Since birth, children are immersed in a very social world. In this social world, there are not only people, such as parents, siblings, teachers, and classmates, but they also include things and values that are part of their culture. All these things provide references to the child’s cognitive growth and development.

Is Parenting Easy ?

It is always said that one should be a parent to talk about parenting. Whenever a child takes birth it is not only the child who is born but the parents are also born at the same time. Parenting is a process wherein parents forget about themselves & devote their life to their kids.

Truth for Kids: 5 Tips for Teaching Children Honesty

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How to Tire Out a Toddler

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Welcome Program

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