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A typical Focus Wall in Kindergarten contains the things that you are focusing on that particular week, such as: The calendar The hundreds chart, which gets filled in one number per day until we reach 100 The visual schedule The shape of the week The, that grows until you have introduced all of them The word family of the week pocket chart.

Optional Items (These can be put up and taken off as needed)

Sentence strip with colored shapes below it, attached with magnets. sentence strip with colored squares below it, attached with magnets. If you are not sure what to focus on each week, or how fast to go with the concepts, you can always just check your district’s curriculum guides, or you can use my Pacing Guides that I have provided free of charge here on my blog

What is the Purpose of a Focus Wall?

The purpose of a Focus Wall is to keep both the teacher and the students focused on the concepts that the children need to learn that week.  First thing in the morning, when my students are fresh, I update the calendar and the hundreds chart, and then I go through the concepts on the Focus Wall.  It takes about three minutes to do the calendar and hundreds chart, and then another seven minutes to do the Focus Wall.  It’s a simple routine of drill and practice, but I find that the daily repetition seems to push my class along with in learning new letters, numbers, and shapes

How Do You Use a Focus Wall?

Using a Focus Wall is pretty simple!  You simply ask the children what each flashcard is on the wall!  But I will explain a bit more about each section, one at a time below.  Keep in mind that this is just how I do it!  There are surely other ways to do it, too! Otherwise, if I let the children stop me and divert the class’s attention elsewhere, this simple activity could seriously take 20 minutes!

The Calendar

I point to yesterday’s date and ask them to tell me the number, and then try to tell me the number that comes next.  Then I go straight “up the elevator” to find the day of the week.  Since my magnetic calendar is pretty small, the days of the week are too small for them to read.  So I printed up the days of the week on cards for them to read. Then we sing the Days of the Week song and then say the entire date together.  Example:  “Today is Monday, February 4, 2019.”

Shapes Chart

For the shapes chart, I simply point and have the children tell me the shapes.  Now and then, I like to ask them to tell me what the difference is between certain shapes the way, most of the shape cards that I use came from a set that I purchased from, but it did not include the oval, so I had to make those myself, unfortunately.


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