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Behavior Issues in Kids with conduct disorder are typically judged as ‘problem kids’ attributable to their different behavior and refusal to just accept rules. Around five percent of 10-year-olds are thought to have conduct disorder; Boys are more in this as compared to girls.

Some of the behavior ISSUES that these kids have are-

  • They may be too shy to talk.
  • They will be aggressive towards alternative children.
  •  Physical Fights is also what they give the impression of being forward to.
  •  They become too excited regarding things timely.
  • They will steal things or borrow things and have not come.
  • A tendency to run far from home

Gender: – Generally though not continuously, boys tend to face these issues rather more than girls.

Temperament – Kids who are troublesome to manage are temperamental or aggressive from an early age are very likely to develop some disorders later in life.

Hereditary problems in kids – Generally, the problems that arise are because of hereditary reasons.

Ignorance on the part of Parents – Generally, the busy schedule of parents doesn’t facilitate as this might hamper the expressions.

The remedies for the behavior issues are

Always attempt to be positive along with your children. Actions speak louder than words, therefore continuously attempt to be polite and type to all or any of the surrounding individuals. Kids will always follow you. Do not criticize your children in front of people. This may cause them to react negatively.

At Kiddopia the school tries its best to focus on the overall growth of the kids. The teachers are trained so that they can be considerate towards all the different temperaments of children. Because after all, children are little angels that need to be nurtured.

Locations Offered: Kiddopia Preschool near SB Patil College Road[413106], Kiddopia Preschool near Akurdi Station Road[411035], Kiddopia Preschool near Celestial City Road[412101], Kiddopia Preschool near Bhondave Chowk[411033], Kiddopia Preschool near Shinde Vasti [411044], Kiddopia Preschool near Pipeline Road[414003], Kiddopia Preschool near Venue Street [411057], Kiddopia Preschool near Walhekarwad Vasti Road[411033]

Locations Offered: Kiddopia Preschool near SB Patil College Road, Kiddopia Preschool near Akurdi Station Road, Kiddopia Preschool near Celestial City Road, Kiddopia Preschool near Bhondave Chowk, Kiddopia Preschool near Shinde Vasti, Kiddopia Preschool near Pipeline Road, Kiddopia Preschool near Venue Street, Kiddopia Preschool near Walhekarwad Vasti Road

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